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The Art of Sound Baths

Let's begin with its origins. Sound Baths are as old as the Earth. Cultures have used sound vibrations for ages and ages to heal, affirm good harvests, and push away bad energy etc. To attempt giving credit to just one culture is irresponsible.

Sound Baths are either intentional, or unintentional. Any form of music or sound that initiates healing and creates positive shifts in our emotional state can be considered a Sound Bath. It's recently turning into a trend, but it's actually been around; people are only becoming more aware of it again, just like Reiki and other healing arts, because the frequency of the collective is lifting.

Are Sound Baths rooted in science, or are they just a hippie's hobby? What if I told you sound is physical, and you just can't see it? The breeze shares the same reality, yet our proof is that we can feel them as they directly affect us. Have you ever stood before a speaker at a concert? Do you feel the vibrations pulsing through your physical body? Is not that experience a physical one?

A Sound Bath simply is having your mind, soul, and body cleansed and restored to a place of peace and clarity using crystal singing bowls or any instrument at that. If orchestrated by the right person, it can be life changing. Our Reiki Sound Bath Attunement Ceremony is a special version of Sound Baths. In it Feq'ad projects his life force energy into the bowls which are then carried by the sound waves that then pass through the individual or group, stripping them of all negative thoughts, and bringing them to a blissful state of mind, whilst activating all 7 of their Chakras. Our 7 Chakras are energy chambers that regulate our life force energy, that in turn keep our physical bodies sustained.

Sound healing is a real science. Music can shift our emotions in specific ways, causing euphoria, sadness, happiness, reflection etc. It is clearly altering our neurological networks and affirming our state of consciousness in the moment. Sound Baths are intentionally set forth to create bliss in the recipient's psyche. The vibrations from a crystal singing bowl creates subtle oscillating ripples inside of us that push out unwanted energy, as one can see by putting water into a bowl and playing it. In this time of heightened awareness, science and spirituality are finally shaking hands in agreement, as one such example shows.

We invite you to experience a sample of our Reiki Sound Bath Attunement Ceremony in person or via Zoom by clicking here. Our ceremonies are more than just session, they are intitiations into higher states of consciousness.

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