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Dome Ticket: Teleporting to Anatakumina - Purchase Our Book!


Gather, esteemed scions of time and cosmos, for this chronicle weaves the ethereal filaments of dimensions, entwining fates and steadfast affection. In this boundless universe, where sagas are inscribed not merely in ink but in the soulful tendril of connection, heed the voice of Zubi—your modest guide—through the grand brocade of "Dome Ticket."

Within the celestial ballet of dimensions and realms, our narrative's radiant canvas unfurls chiefly under Anatakhan's luminous skies and fertile lands or, by its hallowed appellation, Anatakumina, "the meditation of the Divine in the highest heavens." This domain, ensconced in the 6th Dimension's 9th Realm (6D 9R), boasts three continents: Nantibu, Amaru, and Mu, each pulsating with an essence of life so profound it reverberates through every being, every frond, and each freshwater ocean droplet.

Herein resides the esteemed Makayela, a princess with skin like the depths of space

and a heart as vast as the cosmic sea, uncovering the strands of a destiny interwoven with realms beyond her tranquil world. Offspring of Hebiru and Mariam, vigilant

sentinels of the dimension, she glides through existence under triple suns and moons, her every stride a paean to the love and spirituality imbuing Anatakhan.

Yet, beyond the harmonious reverberations of 6D 9R, another realm lies, intertwined by destiny's threads. In the terrestrial echoes of the 4th Dimension's 9th Realm (4D

9R)—our Earth—in the year 2039, a parallel odyssey unfolds. Here, Haru and Tafari, scions of earthly dominions, traverse a world recuperating from solar cataclysms, their paths irrevocably linked with celestial beings from realms above.

The ethereal Moryana, whence Numi, our princess's dearest ally, originates, resonates with the teachings of mystical arts, its denizens guarding secrets as venerable and boundless as creation itself. Our tale whispers of epochs past, when the kill look and Tigrigna tribes, sovereigns of the vast lands of Kemet and the grand continent of Alkebulan, waged wars between forces of light and darkness, between Asar and Set. These narratives, steeped in 4D 9R's earthly resonance, weave through time to the tranquil realms of 6D 9R, bastions of serenity and harmony.

But alas, even amidst Anatakhan's transcendent splendour, the shadow of conflict, sown by the dark being Ahbala, stealthily advances. Its malevolent filaments encroach upon 6D 8R, supplanting joy with lament. Insobu, from this realm, becomes an unwitting chess piece in a cosmic stratagem that spans dimensions, realms, and the very essence of existence.

Ah, cherished seeds, as your hearts bind to the souls of our beloved protagonists: Makayela, Haru, Numi, Tafari, and the beneficent entities guiding their paths, may your spirits ascend with them through divine provinces, both known and concealed. Join us on a journey across spiralling dimensions, across terrains where arboreal sentinels converse and spirits merge with the divine. Engage in an epic where morality, love, respect, and hallowed principles triumph amidst cosmic disarray.

In every whispering zephyr through Anatakhan's soaring arboreal giants, in each softly trodden step along Moryana's sandy shores, resounds the divine cadence of

existence—of unity, of love, and the perpetual struggle against the shadows that seek to eclipse both celestial and terrestrial luminaries. One must not disregard the playful banter of Makayela’s comrade, Nibo, our enchanting tortoise, as he and I exchange


Behold, the saga that arises is no mere phantasm or legend. Verily, it transcends mere narrative, breaching the essence of reality and domain, invoking truths that linger on the cusp of the spiritual and the tangible. It is a voyage through the boundless, a passage through the celestial domes of existence, where each realm, each dimension, extends open arms, beckoning us all a return home.

Thus, our narrative unfolds:"

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