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Portals Of Samadhi

Our Journey

Since 2019, we've been curating exceptional experiences for our guests, first in Ethiopia's historic cities Gondar and Lalibela, then in the dynamic Bay Area, and now in the coveted Jamaica.


We are offering our extensive network in tourism and travel, along with one-of-a-kind private retreats and experiences. These retreats encapsulate the transformative healing services we've honed over the years.

Feq'ad Wolde, brings ancestral wisdom from the ancient peoples of Xaimaca (Jamaica), offering an array of diverse inherent and learned spiritual practices. 


Mesq'al Kebra, on the other hand, brings a wealth of experience in high-level administrative roles, specializing in streamlining operations and fostering positive company culture. 

Together, sharing many of our skills, we empower leaders and innovators to tackle their challenges head-on, set meaningful goals, establish a consistent state of peace within, and achieve well beyond their expectations, whilst curating and facilitation incredible healing retreat experiences.

We place a high value on the development of eco-communities and regenerative initiatives. Our support extends to, and we maintain connections with, secure local eco-communities worldwide, offering distinctive experiences. We guide travellers towards these communities to foster local economic enhancement and the individual growth of mind, body, and spirit. We are actively dedicating our time and financial resources to the establishment of our own eco-sustainable and regenerative community in Jamaica, equipped with cutting-edge technology. This philosophy, along with mindful meditation, stands at the vanguard of our agency's ethos.

Feq'ad Wolde (Darrian Williams), Mesq'al Kebra (Erin Clark), Founders of Portals Of Samadhi, tisabay, ethiopia, bahir dar

Feq'ad & Mesq'al at Tis Abay, Ethiopia in 2018

Feq'ad Wolde (Darrian Williams), european clothes, rose, handsome

Feq'ad Wolde

Tselot Master, Reiki Master, Chef, Virtuoso, Prompt Engineer Specialist & Father

Feq'ad Wolde, a Reiki Master and NLP & hypnotherapy practitioner, excels in Tselot meditation and herbal remedies. With a holistic approach, he aligns energy centers, clears mental blocks, and offers organic herbal wisdom for total well-being.

Mesq'al Kebra

Digital Tools Specialist, Administrative Expert, Program Design Innovator, Executive Confidant, & Mother

Mesq'al Kebra, a digital tools expert and administrative ace, designs impactful programs and serves as a trusted executive confidant. She streamlines operations, boosts productivity, and offers strategic insights for organizational growth.

Mesq'al Kebra (Erin Clark), crown, earrings, beautiful, gorgeous, elegant
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Distinguished Guests

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"May peace be yours forever."

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