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Realizing a Vision for the Future

Creating an Eco-Sustainable, Self-Sufficient, and Close-Knit Community:
Where Technology and Environmental Responsibility Unite

Settling on the Land


What started out as a simple vision for a eco-friendly off-grid community has quickly evolved into a full fledge land development project, spearheaded by a group of local elders.


Portals of Samadhi is pleased to be offering our administrative expertise and digital presence to this association, supporting them in preserving the indigenous cultural heritage of the island and biodiversity of the region.

Realizing The Vision

We envision a community that thrives on its natural richness while leveraging the power of modern technology. This is why we have already prepared around 200 trees for planting - a mix of native fruits and non-hybrid species. These trees will be strategically placed throughout our verdant landscape, serving the dual purpose of enhancing our environment and preserving these indigenous species.

What makes this opportunity unique, is that we are turning this community and area into an eco-friendly gated community, with land devoted to parks, fruit trees, and vegetable farms.


Next Steps: A Path Forward

The official announcement for the initial land offering in this area is imminent, as we stay steadfast in our developmental pursuits. Our current efforts include building out the essential infrastructure for maintaining newly planted trees, and residential dwellings, as well as attracting technologists adept in eco-friendly energy solutions to lay the groundwork for our sustainable power grid.

As the final stages of the new highway's construction approach, it provides an unprecedented opportunity to unite the entire island. The eastern side, having been largely disconnected from the bustling tourism sector, stands to benefit significantly. This community will be strategically located adjacent to the highway, a mere stone's throw from the nation's capital, Kingston.

We extend a warm invitation to forward-thinking innovators, creators, investors, developers, administrators, health professionals, horticulturalists, and families deeply rooted in their indigeneity. Join us in the transformation of this verdant region of St Thomas, Jamaica, into an innovation-hub, perfectly suited for the development and implementation of eco-sustainable technology.

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Join The Movement

If you are interested in learning more about the work being done towards the development of this community, or would like to know when land is available for purchase, fill out this form telling us a bit about yourself and how you imagine fitting into fold.

Introduce Yourself

Thank you for you're inquiry! We will be in touch soon.

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