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Portals Of Samadhi

Our Journey

Since 2019, we've been curating exceptional experiences for our guests, first in Ethiopia's historic cities Gondar and Lalibela, then in the dynamic Bay Area, and now in the coveted Jamaica.


We are offering our extensive network in tourism and travel, along with one-of-a-kind private retreats and experiences. These retreats encapsulate the transformative healing services we've honed over the years.

Feq'ad Wolde, brings ancestral wisdom from the ancient peoples of Xaimaca (Jamaica), offering spiritual practices commonly known as Reiki and Tai Chi. 


Mesq'al Kebra, on the other hand, brings a wealth of experience in high-level administrative roles, specializing in streamlining operations and fostering positive company culture. 

Together, we empower leaders and innovators to tackle their challenges head-on, set meaningful goals, establish a consistent state of peace within, and achieve well beyond their expectations.

Feq'ad & Mesq'al at Tis Abay, Ethiopia in 2018

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We offer a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern expertise, aiming to help you achieve a balanced state of mind by supporting changes in your daily habits, and seamlessly integrating technology sought out specifically to fit your needs.



Tselot Master, Reiki Master, Chef, Virtuoso, Prompt Engineer Specialist & Father


  • Reiki Mastery: A certified Reiki Master, Feq'ad Wolde offers transformative Reiki-infused sonic therapy sessions, meticulously calibrated to align your spiritual energy centres.

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Hypnotherapy: As a qualified practitioner in both NLP and hypnotherapy, Feq'ad Wolde employs advanced techniques to release subconscious blockages and reframe your mental architecture.

  • Meditative Arts: An adept in various forms of meditation, including the exclusive Tselot discipline, Feq'ad Wolde guides you towards unparalleled mental clarity and emotional tranquility.

  • Botanical Remedies: With a lifetime of empirical wisdom, Feq'ad Wolde provides custom herbal advice, sourced from the finest organic apothecaries for a truly holistic experience.

  • GPT-4 & DALL·E Prompt Engineering Specialist: Crafts concise, yet effective prompts, ensuring precise and ready-to-use responses tailored to each unique requirement.

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Mesq'al Kebra

Digital Tools Specialist, Administrative Expert, Program Design Innovator, Executive Confidant, & Mother


  • Digital Tools Specialist: Mesq'al Kebra leverages her expertise to optimize tech stacks, streamline workflows, and harness the full potential of digital tools, ensuring seamless operations and enhanced productivity.

  • Administrative Expert: Mesq'al Kebra excels in managing complex administrative tasks with precision and efficiency, providing invaluable support to executives and organizations, allowing them to focus on their core goals.

  • Program Design Innovator: Mesq'al Kebra crafts programs that drive engagement, foster growth, and deliver measurable results for organizations.

  • Executive Confidant: Offers a trusted partnership for executives, providing insightful guidance, strategic advice, and a confidential sounding board to navigate challenges and seize opportunities effectively.

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Past Projects

Feast of the Deities

Summer 2022

Oakland, California


Thank you to everyone who joined us and helped create such a positive atmosphere. The experience was beautiful, healing, and crucial. Let's keep the momentum going. Note: this photo only captures a portion of those in attendance. There were so many divine spirits who came and each brought their own unique joy to the event. We're already looking forward to doing this again soon.

Feast of the Ancestors

Summer 2020

Berkeley, California


The Feast of the Ancestors was a healing ceremony honoring those who have passed away, hosted by a Sacred Drum Circle at the Cesar Chavez Solar Calendar. It served as a space to pay tribute to all those who transitioned in 2020 and prior.  To see an article written about the event by the Park Administrators, click here.

Alkaline Food Demos

Winter 2019

Bahir Dar & Lalibela, Ethiopia


In response to inquiries from local hotels and restaurants about "Alkaline Vegan food," we decided to demonstrate our cooking skills and showcase this type of cuisine through a series of cooking demonstrations during the winter of 2019 in Bahir Dar and Lalibela, Ethiopia.

True Health Workshop

Spring 2018

Shashamane, Ethiopia


In order to educate the elders in Rasta Village about the benefits of alkaline food, we organized a workshop to explain it in an interactive and traditional way.

The Alkaline Farm Project

Winter/Spring 2018

Shashamane, Ethiopia


At our small farm in Shashamane, Ethiopia, we nurtured wild alkaline plants like Lamb's Quarters and implemented a sustainable method of growing alkaline crops without the use of animal manure. 

Open Source Wellness

As OSW Angels, we fulfilled various roles such as chefs, meal planners, nutritional advisors, and even guided meditation sessions. Our catering services provided meals for up to 50 people weekly, and we also supported the organization through promotional efforts.

For the Village

Fall 2017

Oakland, California, U.S.A

We hosted a bi-weekly event with a classic musical theme, aimed at bringing together people from all backgrounds to share in the joys of music, food, and community. We took care of all aspects of the event, including organization, promotion, hosting, and DJing.

7th Street Anniversary Celebration

Summer 2016

Oakland, California, U.S.A

For this occasion, we managed every aspect of the event, including catering for nearly 100 guests, serving as hosts, performing ourselves, recruiting other performers, handling compensation for the performances, and procuring the majority of the materials necessary for setup.

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United Drum

Spring & Summer 2016

Oakland, California, U.S.A

After frequenting the Ashby Drum Circle, Feq'ad (holding camera), Mesq'al (2nd to very left), and JR (extreme left) of the group decided to bring together a group of drummers and start playing by Lake Merritt. This led to the formation of the United Drum Circle, which brought the Lake Merritt community together through their drumming events. The group continues to thrive today under the name "Soul Beatz."

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Distinguished Guests

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"May peace be yours forever."

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