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Cultivating a Self-Sufficient Community.

New Beginnings on the Amaru Khan Ancestral Land 

An Environmentally responsible, ethically sound, eco-sustainable technology-centered, self-sufficient community:

We are inviting forward-thinking investors, creators, eco-friendly technologists, innovators, developers, administrators, health professionals, horticulturalists, and families to join us in transforming a lush and secluded 26-acre property in Mount Sinai, Blue Mountain, St Thomas, Jamaica into an off-grid innovation-hub ideal for designing eco-sustainable technology. Our vision is to create a unique environment free from religious pressure, societal conventions, and artificial constraints, open to all cultures and backgrounds. By forming a collaborative team and launching enterprises such as resorts, retreats, and guided tours, we can bring this dream to life.

Invest in a revolutionary and sustainable project today!


Is this you?

Do you hunger for something more than what life currently offers? Are you yearning to create a sustainable future with a community of high-frequency, low-ego individuals, nestled within a lush forest of edible gardens? Are you ready to take the leap and relocate to Jamaica, to collaborate with like-minded beings and manifest an interdependent harmonic environment? If these aspirations speak to you, contact us today and we will provide the details you need to begin your journey.

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