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Nestled right on the cusp of Berkeley and Oakland, we have specially curated a healing space for travelers, professionals working remotely, creatives, and healers. We invite you to join us for a revitalizing cup of our artisan crafted tea, a 7 chakra singing bowl session, and a night at one of the most centrally fixed locations for a traveler looking to make the most of their time passing through.

Your room is so cozy, we thought about sleeping in it ourselves. We have some fun to look tapestries, so you won't get bored. It's very spacy, with a wardrobe, full foam mattress, huge comfy coach to lay on, or for friends or family to hang out with you. The private living area is really cool. There is a guitar, drums, kalimba and crystal singing bowls for professionals to get creative, or if you want to hear some good music from us. There's a desk to do work, study, draw etc. You can go from private living room area right outside on the balcony, where you can people watch, or burn one down if that's your thing :).

There is a laundry mat right across the street, a pizza place & bakery, a corner store, a Subway, and a cafe. all 50 ft away. We do individual and group Sound Bath Reiki Attunement sessions using our 7 Chakra Singing Bowl set and various other instruments.
You have access to the roof, and as you can see, the views are everything. Lots of space to relax, do yoga, sunbathe, and listen to music.

This neighborhood is literally one of the safest and family-oriented neighborhoods in Oakland / Berkely. You can coincidentally run into some positive things. You may find some quality cloths, or shoes to match your outfit laying neatly on the side of the road. You may run into an interesting person talking about some cutting-edge technology. You may even hear some incredible Latin music coming out of Lapena Culture Center down the street.

We are spiritual beings who really love to meet new people, share stories, maybe network, share knowledge, eat together, talk and laugh a bit. We are open to any questions or ideas you may have.

Hope to host you soon!