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Our packages are designed to facilitate progression via a tried-and-tested incremental approach.

 Customizable Packages -

Executive Virtual Assistant

Mesq'al empowers your business by leveraging her insightful intelligence to craft your vision, operational framework, and product delivery. From crystalizing ideas to capturing the attention of your target market - even planning events and conducting in-depth research or data analysis, all using AI powered technology, her expertise will allow you to take your success to the next level.

reiki 7 chakra tuning
Guided Meditation - Beginner Yoga

(Remote / In Person)

Are you ready to embark on your meditation journey but feeling lost and unsure of where to start? Our highly trained and certified Meditation Teachers are here to guide you. With mastery in transcendental meditation and kriya yoga, they will empower you to find inner peace and progress on your spiritual path. Enhance your journey and achieve inner stillness with the help of our expert teachers.


Reiki Sound Bath Attunement Ceremony

(Remote / In Person Sound Healing)

Bathe in the luxurious sound bath experience with our Crystal Singing Bowl led Attunement Ceremony, elevated with a delightful surprise instrumental interlude in each session.

Our highly skilled and certified Reiki Masters will guide you through a personalized meditation journey, perfectly aligning your 7 chakras and providing a detailed Tarot reading to assess your life path.

Pink Crystal Rock
Ascension Coaching

(Health, Life, & Spiritual Energy Coaching)

Find the balance you need to thrive. With our tailored solutions, you'll be able to prioritize your well-being and work-life balance. Explore the benefits of meditative arts, reduce the stress of excessive workloads, and receive healing services that will transform your life. This package can include Reiki sound healing sessions, guided meditations, health and life consultations, and administrative support to help your develop a pathway to financial sovereignty as you ground yourself in the meditative practices and wisdom of how to move and master the flow of your spiritual energy.

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(In Person, 1:1 & In Groups)

We invite you to embark on a transformative journey with us, guided by a trusted and compassionate healer. Our space is a safe haven where you can find solace, reflect upon your innermost thoughts, and experience a deep sense of presence and awareness.

Awaken your inner child and return to the innocence that you are, by healing from past traumas and restoring your mind to the pure state that it was meant to be, free from colonized illusions. 

Pink Crystal Rock

(Dietary Coaching & Herbal Treatment)

Discover an exclusive approach to restoring physical health and mental clarity through an alkaline, prana-based breatharian diet. Uncover the science behind why certain foods are alkaline and why others are hybrid. Reclaim your well-being and prevent disease with this diet's powerful, proven benefits. Embark on a journey of transformation as we guide you on a smooth transition from your current diet. Revel in the harmony of your newfound vitality!

Reiki is used to treat heart disease, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, infertility, neurodegenerative disorders, autism, and trauma.

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