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Cord Cutting Reiki Session

Release all self-defeating ties to the past.

  • 1 h
  • $77 After Consult
  • Virtual Meditation Room

Service Description

This service option provides the opportunity to work through the deep, emotional and spiritual issues that can trouble the soul. Through a series of compassionate and confidential sessions, we will identify and process the source of distress and create a personalized plan to help restore emotional, psychological and spiritual balance. The journey that follows is designed to help you uncover and nurture the true self and to transform current patterns of behavior, thought and belief. Our methodology is based on the belief that true healing comes from within and that when you access your inner resources and wisdom, profound shifts can occur. Together, we will explore the root of the issue and create a safe environment for you to express your feelings, thoughts and experiences. Through our collaborative approach, we will then focus on the healing process and provide the tools and strategies to build resilience and cultivate inner peace. At the end of the journey, you will have the confidence to move forward in life with clarity, strength and courage.

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