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Ascension Coaching

Learn to balance and guide your spiritual energy.

  • 1 hour
  • Consult for Quote
  • Virtual Conference Room

Service Description

This coaching program teaches you to balance the flow of your spiritual energy - Qi / Chi / Prana - offering you the opportunity to master your health, and develop practices that will allow you to maintain your place of peace and carry that serenity into every other aspect of your life. This program works through a close relationship with our Spiritual adepts and Reiki Masters, teaching through various ancient texts and "hands-on" experiences. Each session is dynamic and specially tailored to your needs and may include: - Life / Business Coaching - Health Coaching - Alkaline Diet Transition Support - Life Tarot Readings - 1 / Week - Guided Meditation 1 / Week - Reiki Healing Sesh - 1 / Week - Up to 4 Calls / Week - Energy Cultivation Practices - Energy Movement Practices The last part of this program is learning to guide and move your spiritual energy, and develop any aspect of your personal brand which may be essential in creating your financial sovereignty.

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