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Who Is A True Healer?

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

We the #healers carry the crystal ball of knowledge turned wisdom. If you do not understand that, you have not evolved into a true healer as of yet. There are stages to life, and we must be humble to these levels of development and maturity.

This is to say, many are not who they say they are. We live in a time where you can pretend and make lots of money for the illusion. That doesn't mean it's true though.

Many profit off of lies and also brainwash many people with half truths that support whatever sick ulterior motive they have schemed up to satisfy their selfish outlook on life. Because they end up believing the lie they first told that they are a healer, they discard their own internal-work for status.

Then there are those who truly mean well, but have not or don't know how to do the internal-work and evolve into a true healer.

Why do I use the words "true healer"? This is because not everyone is a true healer.

What does it take to become a true healer?

It takes a lifestyle shift towards full health internally and externally.

You can not help someone in totality if you haven't done all of your own shadow work and had experiences that teach you valuable and necessary wisdom that changes your life completely.

This way the advice you give to another person is based in a concrete method/s through actual real-time engagements then studying further and attaining your certifications and such. This is the way to becoming a true healer. There are many things to make money in the healing business if you are someone who only wants to be a part of this world in your entire vibration.

You can sell products, guide people to beautiful meadows etc., however, do not pollute living being's minds with undernourished, egotistical, and fanatical ideas that ultimately do not work in the end. The money won't erase the undesirable karma you are building for yourself and your offspring/s.

There are beings here on Earth that are actually true healers, some incarnated for the purpose of being a beacon of strength to this generation of beings raising their consciousness.

The main part of being a healer is being healed. Doing the practices; breathwork, meditation, dietary shifts etc., and overcoming personal traumas. Then from there we can help our worldwide community. With those things established, we now come from a place of knowing, because of our own evolution of consciousness. This way we don't mislead those who truly need our help.

This is what it means to be mindful. Spirituality is not an aesthetic, even though for some it seems to be.

Example: I get some crystal singing bowls and start a practice teaching others about sound healing and I haven't even used the bowls 2 times. That is simple money based thinking.

Imagine an untrained soldier with high powered weapons and explosives roaming the street. On a subtle energetic level, it's similar to the healer without much experience.

May peace be yours forever,

~ Portals Of Samadhi

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