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Who Are the Real Hebrews? - The Sun of God.

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

I am an Ethiopian Orthodox Tawehedo Christian, the 1st church on Earth, existing before European colonization as you will learn if you visit Ethiopia. The ancient practices embedded within the Orthodox faith stretch back to ancient Kush, Ancient Nubia, and of course ancient Kemet (Egypt) where a lot of the Amhara and Tigrinya people fled from back to Ethiopia after countless takeovers by foreign invaders. Yes, the Amhara and Tigrinya people are the ancient Egyptians who ruled, inhabited, and are the builders of the pyramids and other structures of the land. "Amhara" is derived from amari, meaning "one who is pleasing, agreeable, beautiful, and gracious."

There are certain things within this faith that have been changed and turned into misinformation through time in merging with the Roman Catholic Church's belief system, yet the important parts have been kept alive in their practices. Ethiopia is home to some of the original Hebrews called Beta Israel (meaning, House of Israel), who are not Jewish, but some of the original practitioners of Hebrew Cultural Traditions.

The stories that most trace back to Kemet actually originate in Ethiopia, including the oldest stories of Asar and Aset. Mind you, when I say ancient Ethiopia or Kush, I am talking about the entire continent of Africa as the oldest maps make clear, so in truth Kemet was Kush, or a territory of Kush / Ethiopia. Arabia's origin is also as a North African territory. The first Arabs were dark toned north Africans, even southern Europeans etc.

From the Hebrews came Yeshua, known as Jesus, who was actually a revolutionary Hebrew King that resisted Roman imperialism, and was never actually crucified as the Quran records graciously. For me, being a baptized Orthodox Christian is my way of connecting to the original source of understanding, but at the same time realizing the original purpose of religious / spiritual rituals.

When I (Feq'ad) was baptized, it was a very special occasion. It was during a mass baptism ceremony in Shashamane, Ethiopia. This sort of thing happens at Timkat every year, 12 days after Christmas which is on January 7th. I was 17 at the time. I saw the baptism taking place and didn't actually realize it was a baptism ceremony as I was meditating at the compound I stayed at all day until going out into the world. There was a precession of priests carrying an image of Yeshua, and at the time period (2004) it was the original melanated King 👑. There was a Bahitawi Monk present, they are the highest order in the Orthodox faith.

I went to a Muslim friend of mine named Gabita, who has such a pure heart, and asked him if I can get baptized, and he said it looks like they are finished. I persisted, and he got a church sister to ask for me. The priests seemed to hesitate, then they told her to bring me down. After standing before them, they looked at me, murmured amongst themselves, then began the process, which is unusual for them to do I later found out. Another strange thing that happened is that they treated it like an official baptism, because in a mass baptism you do not receive a new name. I received the name Feq'ad Wolde, meaning Son of God, or Son of God's Will. Feq'ad by itself means Will of God. This shaped my life journey and my earthly identity as the Keeper of Truth and Warrior of the Holy Light.

When the Bible says Son of God, it is talking about the literal Sun. When it says baptized by fire and water, it is talking about the Shiva-Shakti / Ying-Yang aspects of Ki (Akasa). Yeshua, as well as many other beings both Queen and Kings who've gained Christ Consciousness are simply incarnations of the Sun on this realm, and their lives mirror the cycles of the Sun.

All life is Sun centered, as He / She is the giver and sustainer of life on our Earth. We live in a Light Matrix, and this is proven in the field of Quantum Mechanics. RE (the Sun) is God in the visible sense, and Amun, or Amin as we continue to praise at the closing of a prayer is the hidden aspect of the Sun, or God.

The 12 apostles of Christ are the 12 constellations the Sun passes through from age to age. As above so below, this means the Heavens mirror the Earth and the Earth the heavens. What's under the Earth is above the Earth. Everything is a reflection of the other thing. The physical world is in a way illusionary, a simulation if you will, but not like a virtual simulation, because God made this construct, so it's not limited like that of men.

There is a question that many want answered. Who are the supposed chosen people of God? Here is an open-minded outlook. In the beginning before colonization, were there borders? Obviously not, right? Obviously 😊... This is where everyone was tricked. So, in the beginning we spoke one tongue as science alludes to. If this is accurate, then we would not see the Earth as a divided realm. There is in absoluteness one tribe of beings with unique ways of doing essentially the same thing, whether good or bad.

As an agreeable or benevolent being I speak of the good side of things, but in the realm of duality I am quite aware of those that do not wish for peace and tranquility, but for power and chaos. Because the general people ignore them, they gain gross power and influence which they use to entrap beings in their own diabolical propaganda.

Race is an illusion, as is class and status. If you believe the illusion, then you convict to it being true, which is the perfect way to control living beings.

This is to say, the only chosen people of Source / God, are those who choose to uphold the principles of nature, choose to do the right and not the wrong, choose to be stewards and protectors of the Earth, choose to stand up for justice etc., not those who claim to be based upon faulty indoctrination.

This doesn't mean we shouldn't be a part of something. This doesn't mean Christianity, Islam, Buddhism or any other practice is bad. God did not instruct anyone on mistranslating Holy Books. It's the minds of people that need reformation. If we thought with a harmonized mind, we couldn't be brainwashed so easily, then we would simply translate these books back to their original thought forms.

Thanks for reading.

May peace be yours forever,

~Portals Of Samadhi

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