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We Are Our Environment

We have all been fooled to think of Earth Changes as "Natural Disasters". Hollywood has really pulled the veil over our eyes in a time when the veil is lifting. They have gotten us to paint a picture of our Earth that is not true through intentional deception. Earth does not wish to see our destruction and demise. She instead wishes for and provides us with the utmost safety in our lives. Even I was once fooled by such illusions. It is time that we paint the picture we truly want 1st within ourselves and our own lives, then project that paradise upon Earth, which we occupy. For years now there has been fear porn driven at the West Coast and other parts of the world of immediate destruction, which should be illegal when thought of realistically, because it programs intense fear into individuals, and puts masses into fight or flight mode. In reality we are a part of the Earth, and she is not trying to eliminate us. Let us return to our innocence, and tap back into that oneness. We can accomplish anything with a unified MIND. Our thoughts should be focused in the direction of " What are the correct choices we should make to align with what Nature (NTR) is moving towards", as we are a part of this progression. This of course takes realigning ourselves with who we truly are, a living Soul, and not the John Doe given to us as a name and birth certificate when we were birth through our mother's portal unto this heavenly realm. For too long now we have as a collective been held back from our true purpose of love and light. Burning inside of each and everyone of us is the pursuit of peace. This takes removing the blocks and obstacles obstructing our path. This is where Portals of Samadhi comes in, providing a gateway or portal to samadhi (enlightened and blissful state of Mind). We provide you with all the necessary gadgets you need for your development. Click here for our services. As stated via our services page, our packages are formulated to foster you through the phases of your evolution step by step. This is depending on where you are in your spiritual and professional growth. Through 8 intensive sessions, your life will radically shift! We are very passionate about the work we do because we too have benefited from the various services we provide. After many years of refining our own health, perspective, and business model, we have matured into well experienced guides with humility and divine grace; who are able and willing to help you do the same. Through raw experience; research and study, we have gathered life changing knowledge that is in-coded into our packages and services including Qi Tea (Reiki Infused Alkaline Tea) which brings this all to you in one outstanding product. What separates us from the many healers and herbalist's is nothing! We are all on the same mission to heal ourselves and our environment. We actually bring together all of this wisdom to enable living beings to understand, inner-stand, and over-stand who they are, what their connection is to their environment, and how to create and maintain this equilibrium. There is a belief that we are somehow sperate from our environment, and it only matters how we treat ourselves and our loved ones. This is quickly being replaced by the truth that we only exist because we have an environment to exist in. Our avatars literally filter the air we breathe as the tree's do! We are our environments! So it is highly important that we walk towards finding harmony within ourselves, and assisting others along this path. We don't just help you balance your life, we teach you how to maintain this harmony. There is a level of dedication and conviction on your end that is necessary and will be initiated after our initial free consultation sessions. No matter who you are, you deserve this. All ages, classes, tribes, or sexual orientations are welcome. This is catered towards the reformation and leveling up of all people. For those who are already deep into their journey and just need a tarot reading, chakra tuning session, or their third eye activated, we provide services covering the most important aspects of spirituality. As a yoga, meditation, and energy healing practicioner for 20+ years; adhering to an alkaline diet for 15+ years, and actively running innovative & successful businesses with my twin flame for 7+ years, we have merged the worlds of spirituality and professionalism because they are one. Spirituality is yin, and business development is yang. If you are not a member of our website, and you follow our post's, you need to sign up ASAP at Be the first to receive updates, vlogblog's, discounts & giveaways.

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