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True Illuminati

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

To be an Illumine doesn't mean being a freemason or a part of the Illuminati. It means to become enlightened and able to command Ki inside and outside of your being. Only this is illumination. You gain this when you have a true awakening, and reborn as a child of the Light. If you don't understand this, you are not there yet, and that's okay; don't lie to yourself though, this blocks your progress. There are beings that are here as guides in every generation, in every age.

The EGO conspires to make you feel important, and this isn't bad either, however, self-discipline gives you the power to be in control and use discernment pertaining to your emotions (energies in motion). Enlightenment is not the ultimate, it is likened unto opening your eyes and lifting the covers off of your body before you begin your day.

The so-called Illuminati nowadays promises you money, wealth, sex etc. These things have absolutely nothing to do with illumination. It is a trick to consume our Souls. True illumination is something you earn through inner discipline, not something you gain by joining a fraternity created by morally weak creeps. They will only boost your EGO and drain your Spirit.

So, when I say Illumine, I am speaking of the truly illuminated beings of this realm lit up by Shakti and doing the works of heaven willingly, not these phonies enslaved by desire. Tehuti predicted the times we live in with supreme accuracy, and here we are in a topsy turbi reality. If we wish to light-up, we must do the internal work necessary to reach the goal. No one is exempt.

The Saints are among us, as well as the devils. Consistent states of Mind are heaven and hell. This is maintained by deeds and conditions; so, the ball is in our court, and how we use our will determines our outcome. Don't put this decision in someone else's hand. They will surely steal your Soul and quickly consume you in whole. Remember who you are through consistent meditation, and enlightenment will be yours sooner than you think.

Everyone is worthy of and able to be illuminated whether or not they are a part of some fraternity or organization. Gain back control over your own Mind, and true power will be yours. Source wants only this for us, completion, as we are a part of Source fulfilling Source as well. There is nothing more important than our salvation, and that takes place between us and Source.

Call on Source (prayer) when you meditate. Source will respond immediately with unconditional Light. Prayer and meditation go hand in hand. Your religion, non-religion, or status doesn't matter. Your mistakes are not who you are. Everyone is worthy, and change is the constant, so jump on the wave and surf to Heaven! We the Illumine are rooting for every Soul in this realm on every timeline, and the Light has already won in the future, so have no fear.

May peace be yours forever, ~Portals Of Samadhi

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