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Submission to Source

Updated: Jan 30

There are 2 types of beings being generated by design at the moment. Those who know some information, and those who assess the info, and actually do the internal work to complete the biological process of ascension.

To have a "successful following" means faking it. I see a lot of brothers and sisters spread false information daily because nowadays you can just say whatever, and if a lot of people like it, it goes viral and they just play the game to maintain a level of fame, leading living beings further away from their true destination of unification with Source (God Almighty).

Satanist they are in truth with no real power, only the deceptive use of words to cripple the progress of the masses. Social media was created just for that, to give false prophets and anti-Christ's the ability to mislead living beings with stronger potentiality, and cause people to not desire connection in real life. Some of these false prophets swear they are doing the right thing because they have also been indoctrinated with incorrect information about the Soul and its journey.

Here is a message to the true Gods, Healers, and Divine beings present on Earth. I'm speaking to the Holy Ones who are truly tapped into Source Divine and realize that Source is who has supreme power and is who we should humbly pray to for all things.

To you I write, be calm in praise. Continue practice and affirm Earth peace. Do not be distracted by arrogance. Focus your mind on the Light which leads to God. Wield the Light that is everlasting, potent, and directly from God.

A following has no honor in heaven. There is but one God with infinite patience, glory, gratitude, and grace. To Mother and Father Source is the allegiance of the Saints. It is not to random gods and doctrines boosting the Ego as if beings are separate from their Creator. Some of these doctrines eliminate the Creator from the script all together, when it's the Creator who wrote the novel.

The true Saints who are a few, only they know, because they have humbled their Soul to Source in one perfect awe. Scriptures (ancient records) from across this plane have forecasted the current predicament of modern life, and I see it for what it is.

With the advent of a more intelligent AI, everything is changing drastically, and will continue to do so. There are those who will follow this projection into a new society that is fated for self-destruction, most of the people on Earth. There are the few that will stay on the Earth consciousness and actually become their divine self as we were during Satya Yuga. The transition is happening right NOW.

To the false prophets... You see, deep within you already know what I am writing is true, however your fueled arrogance will probably reject it in an attempt to stand firm in your complacent false reality.

About month ago, I met a brother telling me that he is a star-child, and indigo, yet proclaiming on the other hand that folk's are powerless to "death". In all his ignorance he rejected the wisdom I had to free his Soul from the teeth of fear. He is not who he says he is based on the "Facet" that he harbors fear, yet he cannot see that because he is blinded by maya and guided by Jins.

As a radical devotee to the only master of everything, I declare spiritual war against "Shatan" and all his allies. The time of reckoning has arrived and even the self-declared "woke" are sleeping., talking bout "get that money", ultimately because they have replaced God with money in their minds. With God they can still have all the abundance they need and desire, but that would entail doing the will of God.

Come back to the Source O' fallen ones. Meditate and remember. Pray during your meditation. Remember your connection to the true power, to the real master. Reject the doctrine of "do as thou wilt'. We are Deities yes, but we are not above the Source of our power, nor can we exist without Source. There are also infinite units of the Lord that exists amongst us that we should treasure and sustain, as they are a part of us.

Satan and his minions cannot win against what also sustains them. The process of control is only possible because we allow it to take place. Our master and protecter is so merciful and benevolent that we were granted free will to choose what we may, that way we are not robots. It is our responsibility to be stewards of the Earth representing God in heaven here on GEB. All that we do, and think are encrypted into the fabric of space and time. There is no hiding from Source, or ourselves.

I sit here unmoved from my place of submission to the God-Head and declare truth into the midst of deception with no fear.

All glory and all praise be to God.

Igziabher Yemesgan, Amin

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