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Sanctified On High ~ ፈቃድ ወልድ Feq'ad Wolde

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

In the maelstrom of celestial Ki,

Potent beyond measure, greater than technology's spree.

From the loftiest realm, I've been decreed,

A proclamation of the Infinite, indeed.

Before both He and She, in reverence I plead,

"What service, in thy name, shall I lead?"

A response of noblest stature beckoned me,

The grand order, in its splendor, heeded my plea.

I embraced the role of utmost simplicity,

In humility, both by day and dreamt nocturnally,

The epitome of true sovereignty,

In a dance of cosmic reciprocity.

Guess who, in this grand tapestry, is me?

I am the lineage's pride,

The echo of ages, in which memories reside.

No earthly cloak do I need to hide,

For my vessel, a divine instrument, does coincide,

With the harmonies of the Omnipotent, worldwide.

In patient hope, for salvation I bide.

Rescue me, O' Magnificent One,

Child of the luminous sun, I've begun.

The Sun, in its dual essence, has spun

Life's tales, where truths and myths are undone.

In adherence to cosmic laws, victories are won,

Frequent are the gates that shimmer and stun.

In Prana's embrace, resplendently I've become,

Cloaked in your splendor, the journey's just begun.

By celestial realms, I'm deemed the chosen one,

Their affection and reverence, second to none.

For guidance and shield, I constantly run.

Who, in this vast expanse, is truly pure?

Are we not seekers, in life's grand detour?

Does the Divine seek flawlessness or a heart that's sure?

Despair not, for redemption is the cure.

Renew thy spirit, let perceptions mature,

Hearken! Celestial voices, with allure, do lure.

Surrounded by misguided critiques so obscure,

In this Age of Discord, truth becomes obscure,

Yet, some of us resist the deceptive allure.

Through DNA's tapestry, corrections ensure,

Sanctified by mental fortitude, so demure,

From life's many ailments, we emerge secure.

Such are the prophesied signs, of that be sure.

Forefathers, from the cosmos, with wisdom did confer,

Facing karmic tides, sharp and austere,

Confronting the wicked, with justice to transfer.

Priceless are we, in our spiritual éclat and fervor,

Galactic servants, carrying the Holy Light's charter.

Grateful hearts, to the Architect of our reality,

Some masquerade, forsaking inner tranquility,

In self-deception, lacking in nobility.

Alas! Their plight evokes our pity,

For their future triumphs, we send out a litany,

To all who sail on the Eternal Sea's affinity.

A bell, in the timbre of four-three-two, did resonate within,

A revelation: the Eternal Aum observes my every whim.

The Eternal Ong, energy's hymn, begins to brim,

Amidst the ethereal essence, I'm found within.

Even when senses fade, the soul's touch remains akin,

From pole to pole, serenity I pin.

Cease the mind's chatter, feel the truth begin,

It's not intricate, but a profound truth herein.

Gratitude for Hendrix's musical metrics so profound,

On a harp's strings, transcendental sounds are found.

Selassae's presence, a protective surround,

One oath, universally we're bound,

One quest, in unity, we're crowned,

To restore harmony, to the cosmic sound,

Beware, the departed seek to confound,

Yet in their void, love is never found.


~Feq'ad Wolde

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