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Sanctified On High ~ ፈቃድ ወልድ Feq'ad Wolde

Updated: Jan 15

I was taken up by the whirlwind of KI

Much more potent

Much more powerful than 5G

I am sent from the highest degree

Declaration of the Most High Infinity

On my knees before He and She

How may I serve thee?

A response of the highest dignity to me

The highest order received my plea

I entered the ranks of simplicity

Humility visual and nocturnally

True supremacy

Multi-versal interdependency

Guess who is me?

I am the descendant

I am the remanence

I need no garment

My body is an instrument

It plays tunes of the omnipotent

I sit awaiting deliverance

Deliver me O' Almighty

I am a child of the Light we see

The Sun androgenous to duality birth we

Acceptance of the laws fixed in the sea without opinions is key

The doors now open frequently

My robe is Prana magnificently

I desire only to wear your glory

They call me beloved

The heavens adore me

I pray for guidance and security

Who amongst me is good?

Aren't we all but sinners in da hood?

Does God seek perfection or resurrection?

Regret not

Become anew

Shift your view

Angels are calling out to you!

We are plagued by satanist reviews

Kali Yuga minded crews that fear the high frequency residue

As genetic violations are corrected in the genome of few...

Sanctified by discipline of mind

Revived from death of all kinds

So are these prophesied times

The ancestors already appeared from the skies with 9 lives

Karmic conditions like sharp knives

Piercing the skin of devils and antichrists

We cannot be bought for a price

Intergalactic servants of the Holy Light!

Thankful are we truly O' maker of reality

Fools pretend to be we and pause their conscience free tranquility


No dignity or humility

What a pity

We pray them future victory

I and all who swim in the Life Force Ocean of Eternity

A bell rang at the tone of 432hz frequency inside of me

I realized the Eternal Aum is watching me

The Eternal Ong transports energies

I am seated in-between the fragrance

When my senses go numb, I can still feel my palm

Pole to pole I send my calm

If you stop thinking and feel you will overstand all I spiel

It's not complicated

Only extremely real

I am thankful for the metrics of Jimi Hendrix

Transferred on the strings of a harp from mind to ear causing repair

Hayle Selassae the entire time was near

One allegiance we all swear

One mission we all share

Return to the harmony

The way, prepare

The dead wish to trap us in their sneer

They are vacant of care

All praises to the Most High Igziabher

May peace be yours forever,

Portals Of Samadhi


Feq'ad Wolde is the main healer for Portals of Samadhi.

He has been crafting qi-infused Soul Words for over 20 years alongside his other meditative arts.

He is also a certified healer and NLP practicioner.

To learn more about the offerings and services available to you through Portals of Samadhi visit

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