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Rising Above The Slum

Because good and evil both exist doesn't mean we should accept the evil we do. Our destiny is to overcome the lower with the higher. There is a false doctrine being pushed right now to deceive the masses.

That doctrine is that the good and the evil are both okay, meaning that the murderer and pedophile are okay just as they are. This is very convenient for those that do not want to change their dirty ways and display the discipline of Brahman.

As for the Illumine, we bask in the Light of God, moving ever forward on the path of redemption.

Many have been brought so low in Spirit by Covert 19, Gender lies, and other phycological operations intentionally designed to trap our Souls, that any kind of EGO dopamine rush is enough for someone to take their mind off of the fact that their Soul is actually suffering in this world of illusions.

This breeds a multitude of false prophets who are also slaves to dopamine rushes, as a way of bypassing their trauma that they are surely suffering from, so they entrap these Souls within their sphere of influence.

Most have become worshippers of Satan / Kali, some unknowingly, and some by choice. They teach the world that God is a fantasy, and that you can do whatever you want, you are a God they say.

They have taken truth and perverted it into convenient words that fit their filthy and wicked lifestyles, as an effort to maintain a grip on the Minds and Souls of the sleepers. The "scientists" are made to lie and cheat for money, and the "scholars" except their perks as they sleep with Djins and sidestep living beings.

All sufferers of bad karma and a heavy conscience, pretending daily, truly enslaved by the Zionists who wip their Souls into obedience with 5G and enticing propaganda.

For these Souls we pray a swift deliverance from greed, envy, foulplay, deception, pedophilia, murder, theft, rape, and evil of all kinds. Even you can change and become a better person. Do not accept this false doctrine of "Do as thou wilt".

May peace be yours forever,

~Portals Of Samadhi

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