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Path of Yoga

Yoga is about gaining enlightenment, not dressing as sexy as possible and showing off our bodies. Ancient practices have become impure and used for the entirely opposite reason in our times. How well you do your poses is not the ๐Ÿ—๏ธ. How gracefully you can guide your breath (Pranayama), deep meditation (Dhyana), and how we live our daily lives in accordance to universal principles are the main ๐Ÿ—๏ธ's. The goal is Samadhi, not fame and earthly fortunes.

Step 1-Yog

The sun god said:

I shall now explain to you this most rare knowledge, upon the attainment of

which you will become free while yet dwelling in this body. See in all beings

the Brahman, who is one, unborn, still, imperishable, infinite, immutable

and conscious; so seeing live in peace and bliss. Do not see anything except

the self and the supreme. This state is known as yoga.

Rooted thus in yoga, carry out your deeds.

The mind of one who is thus rooted in yoga gradually withdraws

from all desires, and the seeker feels blissful while engaging himself

each day in meritorious acts. He has no interest whatsoever

in the contrary efforts of the ignorant.

He never betrays the secrets of one to another;

And he occupies himself solely with lofty deeds.

He performs only such gentle acts as do not disturb others. He fears sin and

does not crave any self-indulgence. He utters loving and affectionate words.

He lives in the company of saints and studies the scriptures. With complete

unity of mind, speech and action he follows them. Seeking to cross

the ocean that is the world,

he cultivates the above-mentioned ideas. And he is called a beginner,

one performing his preliminaries. This is called the first stage.

Let's return to the foundations of truth.

May peace be yours forever,

~Portals Of Samadhi

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