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Our Status Is Our Weakness

Our status is our weakness. To see yourself as something outside of the Most High, is to not see. Render yourself with innocence. Stand in awe like the baby before the raging river. Even when the demons sneak up close by gearing and mocking thee in all their ignorance, see Brahman even in them as the spark that gives them life.

Earthlings primarily consider what is convenient if only for a second of dopamine rushing through their veins as the lever of pleasure is pulled. Discipline is 🗝️ to unlocking the many doors and revealing 720°'s of light. Flattering lips only speak to hold your Soul in limbo. We are at a crossroad, where the veil is lifting profoundly, and greater change than we have ever seen is initiated.

The frequency is lifting to heights unbound in these magical times. Situate your Soul, and balance yourself with the Principal of Polarity. With understanding of the Principle of Cause and Effect, we can bring order to our lives by generating the right causes to obtain specific effects and become movers of mountains. The elements await our victory of light & darkness, spirit & matter, good & evil!

May peace be yours forever,

~Portals Of Samadhi

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