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Our Decisions Affect Everyone

If your conscience is clear, you are doing fantastic. If our conscience is not clear, then we need to correct this. Protect your energy field with intentional good deeds. Remember your interconnectedness with everyone. There is a doctrine nowadays that we are individuals, and we have our own truths, this is half the truth. The full truth is that we are individuals who make up a whole. We are one with everyone and everything. There is nothing we do that isn't felt collectively. Nothing! Everything ripples, this is how vibrations work. We create one wave of influence with our many waves that we individually let out. Okay, back to truth. Truth is an eternal happening. When something is true, it's factual, meaning it's edged in stone, or immovable.

Example: The sun and the moon. The sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening. The moon completes her monthly cycles religiously without ceasing. There is no opinion when it comes to this, it just is. I can build a solid case around the activities of the Sun and Moon. It is based upon factual logical evidence, not my imagination or opinion. In ancient civilizations such as Kemet (Egypt), the beings in power had to have agreed upon basic fundamental truths and principles, in order to accomplish the amazing feats of which they did. This is where modern society is lacking, by design. We have been programmed and reprogrammed to have an opinion, and to compete with such opinions.

Example: In institutions we debate and are taught that this is healthy (healthy debate). There is nothing healthy about such madness. For anyone to have a sane mind, they must know and agree upon basic foundational truths that do not shift and waiver. In Kemet there were 42 Principles Of MAAT, which are simplified into the 7 Hermetic Principles. In Kemet, no one argued whether or not these principles were true or false, they instead built and based their reality upon what they gathered as undeniable facts of Creation, or reality. There are today hundreds of thousands of so-called spiritual teachers who pose to know this and that, and only few who really know. Those that "know", know that there are things they do not know as well. There are even those that have celebrity status yet are just idols worshiped by the blind. This is not a judgement, or opinion, but a fact. You can even gain a degree on spirituality through various institutions. These are the idols being worshipped mind you. They abuse the general populations ignorance and will reap their reward as everyone does.

This is not to say you can't study spirituality; however, you can't become spiritual, or inclined to Source through indoctrination. Some realizations are only accessible through your natural awakening process, which is timed differently depending exclusively on who the being is, and where they are on their journey, not on a course. You should feel empowered in your own unique way of truth, however, it is not responsible to do whatever you want because you believe something strongly. This is a lack of self-control and self-discipline. The sooner we accept life for what it is, and who we actually are, the sooner we can all collectively level up! This is what everyone wants, but only few are willing to put in the work for growth. Remember, you will only get what you put out. You can't step into 5D and still live a 3D lifestyle. You must truly transition out of the lower nature first, and this takes effort, not just an affirmation.

Who is able to mentally transmute?

We all are, and it is our destiny to make it to higher and higher levels of consciousness. First one must honor where they are in their journey. It is not helpful to preach things you don't know, only to contemplate on these subjects is enough, the day will come that they are made clear to thee. Raise no more your primitive EGO above your wise mind, condemning your intelligence to waste.

We are at a point of transition on our magnificent realm, where the frequency of Mama Terra is growing at an accelerated pace. Just ride the wave! What do I mean "ride the wave"? Simply do your very best to play your part. Use your imagination and creative energies to help cocreate the 5D paradigm that is technically already here. Learn or relearn the principles and truths of nature that are hidden in plain sight. Remember your interconnectedness. Don't forget this. We all feel your victories and losses, we are all affected. True love comes from responsibility which proves respect. Don't keep saying "I love you; I respect you; I will protect you", and your actions say, "I hate you; I will destroy you; I don't respect you". Be true to us, we reflect each other!

Infinite Love and Divine Light!

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