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Mind Dial

Are you living a life you are not happy with, a life that's not satisfying, a life without purpose? What is the cause of your turmoil and strife? How do you escape such a predicament?

Well, what do you do when you hear a song you don't like on the radio? There are 2 options we have when we hear a song on the radio we dislike. We either change the station by turning the dial or turn it off by pressing the power button. In the case of our lives, we technically cannot turn it off, so the next best option is switching to another station.

Another great example is when we don't want to watch a program on the TV or on Netflix, we simply change the channel or switch to another program. It's really that simple! Now, we are obviously not tv's or radios, so there has to be a level of practicality here. How does it look for a living being to turn the dial?

You ever been with a group of people that talk about things you just do not vibe with... ALL THE TIME? I know I have. We generally build relationships with these individuals and places that make us feel as if we are obligated to the beings and conditions that are a part of the environment's ambiance. Some are attached based on material need, financial need, or unhealthy emotional comforts. We question ourselves asking why I am not moving forward in my life journey, even though we know exactly what's blocking our progress subconsciously. Cognitive dissonance is much more normal in society than most realize, and very toxic.

It doesn't matter what our current life path is, we can turn the dial anytime we want. The way to do this is by gradually letting go of your current cycle. If you feel financially trapped, then begin to seek financial sovereignty over a space of time either by finding a higher paying employment, starting a business based on your passions, or spending less money on things you don't need. If it's unhealthy emotional attachment, take more time for meditation and work out your thoughts and emotions over a space of time until you are on the next station. The time it takes for change is the time it takes to turn the dial from one station to the next.

Sometimes things end abruptly, but it's best to take steps towards your desired goal. Another example is diet. The proper way to eat or work out better is by doing things little by little. Eat less dairy here or there, less meat here or there, until the ability to say no becomes natural. Do a little more pushups each week. After a while the dial will be fully turned to the next station, and victory will be yours. We all have the same potential when it comes to being a better person!

One of the most important parts of this is our thoughts and will power.

Meditation and affirmations are so necessary in building up willpower and overall discipline. With these mastered, we can overcome any and everything. Our collective thoughts literally paint the construct we call reality on a daily basis. Imagine if we all cumulatively turned the dial? This very thing is taking place in the world right now, and it's shaping the future so majestically. There are so much inner and outer technological advancements that are so beneficial for living beings, and the reason it's like this is because of the spiritual advancement of the masses.

Let's talk about affirmations, why are they important?

What we say motivates us to use our will power and bring it into this world, or it may motivate someone else. Affirming something is not only an intentional act, this is why it's important to be mindful about what we say to each other and also in a general sense. On an intentional note, it is a good practice to use your paintbrush in your private time and paint a magnificent landscape with your words and project it into the world.

If we all make use of our will and continue to turn the dial to a better station, we can individually and conjointly dance to a higher frequency. See you on the dancefloor 😉.

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