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E-Motions - Energies In Motion (Meditation Tip)

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Within all of us dwells the superhero. The only thing that holds us back is our thoughts. Our thoughts are influenced by our emotions. When we manage our emotions, we activate success in our moment-to-moment reality. We neither struggle with ourselves nor the beings outside of us. Conflict usually arises from lack of self-control. Self is governed by the choices we make. This choice is directly influenced by one or multiple energies in motion (emotions). By bringing these energies to a "still motion", we are able to manifest our higher attributes. This is accomplished through Transcendental Meditation, the art of transmutation, where one lifts from one state of mind to the next.

You are then allowed to delight in Samadhi, one of the highest states of concentration a being can reach while still in the flesh. Nuns and Monks from many different spiritual paths have entered such levels time and time again. Even people in modern societies have and are reaching this apex of mind. The peace many seek is with the seeker. It just takes the proper disciplinary actions to nurture this tranquility amongst the flashing lights of the cityscape. The city exists, and some of us live in it, making it difficult at times to find the same harmony one would experience in a forest or let's say a yacht parked out on the ocean.

Even then Samadhi is attainable with the right tuning. There are myriads of frequencies to attune to, so carefully refining and defining our outlook, diet, and relations with fellow sentients is highly important. This takes an everyday gradual disciplinary healing practice that we actually provide, FYI . There is always time for happiness, and happiness is something you can create in your life by use of your will and intention. Change happens with or without our approval. It is better to guide your reality, than to be blown around by the 8 winds (your e-motions). Imagine you had full control over your anger? I mean to the point where you can summon it at any moment.

Example: Your tire blows on the highway. Imagine not getting upset at all. Imagine you pulled out your smartphone right away and began typing in "how do I change my tire", grabbing your spare, jack, and wrench, switching them yourself in 15min, and still making your meeting? It is a very efficient and stress-free lifestyle that we at Portals Of Samadhi think everyone deserves. Without regular attunements, such states of bliss are but fleeting illusions. To be attuned is to adjust, or become accustomed to a person, place, or thing. It's like tuning an instrument to a specific note or frequency.

There are those that find it easy to center, and those who find it very difficult no matter where they are on Earth. The ones who find it easier, are usually beings that follow a specific ritual or habit that summons their mind back to equilibrium when driven off course. Sometimes it's as simple as a ritual bath, or 15min of meditation each day, however consistent and effective. When you are consistent, gradual growth is possible. Without consistency, we cannot reach the point of accomplishment that we desire and deserve. The will must be present, and acceptant of the need for internal cultivation.

We need self-transformation for ourselves and our Earth. Currently our Earth is being sucked dry by the oil and tech oligarchs, who laugh at the mention of love and light as if numb to the pain that our mother feels. We must remind them who they are, and the fact that they can do better. We can all do better. Let's start within, so we may all manifest glorious offerings to livings beings.

Infinite Love and Divine Light!

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