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Discernment & Action Are Key

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Slow down... You can't fool the Illumine. Take baby steps. Information without application is in vain. Repeat, information without application is in vain. With applying the info, you gain valuable wisdom to discern what's true and what's the lie.

In this age of informational warfare, it's easy to misled if you just believe. It's great to know the past, however, don't hold on to things you can't prove. Let them be a beacon of strength to you as you verify with your present life. Those who tap in and evolve are the only ones who truly know.

When someone tells you something, or you read it somewhere, and it resonates with you, doesn't mean it's true. Don't just ride with it, do your own research and self searching. This is not just a message for religious folks, cause everyone is religious in some way. Everyone has some kind of ritual they follow.

When we unlearn is when we relearn. When we cast away judgement is when we see things for what they are. To speak truth sounds judgemental to the those living a false reality (a reality against the natural organic construct). With the high level of deception and lies presented at this transition from the Kali Yuga to the Age Of Light, it's easy to be misled. Focus on Foundational Principles (How Nature works), and align oneself, otherwise you are gonna become complacent in your own ignorance.

Lift your frequency through actual meditation and prayer, not just talking and researching info. If you want to accomplish something here in this realm, affirm it, however, don't forget to go forth and put into place the necessary tools to get the work done. This is where many fail, they rely strictly on affirmation and speech. Both are necessary, yet without action they prove to be in vain.

May peace be yours forever

~Portals Of Samadhi

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