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Alkaline Diet, The Original Diet!

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Since I was 16 years old, I have been eating alkaline plant-based foods on and off. I have encountered many healers who claim to have the right diet or method of eating to cure living beings of diseases and help them reach homeostasis. Only one incredible person has proven this to me through real time results. His official and self-proclaimed title is Dr Sebi.

I had an idea of what health was, but after discovering Dr Sebi, I realized over the years why I should listen to this man a eat an alkaline diet. Every time I eat outside of an alkaline diet, I pay immediately. At first, I did not realize how dangerous the lack of knowledge pertaining to health was affecting my life until I started to have horrible toothaches about 7 years ago.

I thought it was just normal and had a wisdom tooth pulled. That did not stop the pain! and I mean, they say childbirth is painful, but Wow! it hurt! 😜😅 I thought to myself after going to Ethiopia, I know better than this, there are still some things in my diet that are acidic, and of course these foods touch my teeth when I eat them. Also, I was smoking a lot of cannabis at the time. I know there is nothing wrong with the cannabis, however the smoke is acidic.

I decided to finally let go of all acidic foods that were still present in my body, and drastically cut back on smoking. Since then, my oral hygiene has been A+. This was the last and final convincing that I needed to be strictly alkaline. I don't get sick at all. I have been tested for Covid multiple times and have come back negative every time. An alkaline diet gives consistent mental clarity, proper muscle function, and efficient breath control, and peace within, combined with meditation and regular exercise.

If you watch the video above, I give great information on Dr Sebi and the Supreme Court case he won in 1988. More info here: Man Found ’Cures for All Diseases’ AND Has the Supreme Court Ruling to Prove it (

Health is the state of physiological homeostasis. This is attained from eating carbon based alkaline forming foods, plant-based fruits, nuts, grains, nuts, vegetables, and herbs that remove mucus from the body and keeps our bodies above the pH Balance of 7. Foods below the pH balance of 7 are acidic and encourage the production of mucus in us. Too much mucus leads to major diseases like cancer, diabetes, or even Covid. What we have been taught in school about our composition and what health is, are complete fabrications of the truth, only for the medical and pharmaceutical businesses to profit off of our ignorance.

Alkaline Qi Tea is our gift to you. It's years of knowledge, and healing grace put together in its simplest form, to give you a refreshing start on your journey to optimum health, or an aid to those already on the journey. Whoever you are, you need it! Go to our page and purchase your first pouch. Remember to sign up and become a member to receive Qi Tea & VlogBlog updates (discounts, promotions, knowledge, and giveaways)!

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