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Age Of Light

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

On June 21st, 2020 the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon came into alignment on the Summer Solstice, in an Annular Solar Eclipse that happened at the junction of the

Milky Way and the Galactic Equator, also called the Sky Cross.

The Sun has been moving through this Sky Cross since 1980, with an alignment peak in 1998, that will be closed out around June 21st, 2020. This date was the actual date the Mayans predicted based upon the Ethiopic/Julian Calendar that is 7 years before the Gregorian Calendar date of 2012.

Ethiopia is the only nation still using the original Calendar. It is 2012 in Ethiopia until September 11th on the Gregorian Calendar. This does not mean the world will end as it did not, nor did the Mayans/Olmecs ever predict the end of the world, only the end of an age which lasts roughly 24,000 - 27,000 years.

The Kali Yuga "the age of darkness, when moral virtue and mental capabilities reach their lowest point", came to its end officially in on June 21st 2021.

This period of time also marks the end of the Great Year, or the Mayan Long Count Calendar, which is tracked using the procession of the equinoxes through Zodiac signs, as they are commonly known.

There are countless prophecies from every ancient culture foretelling these amazing times. Here we have provided a few.

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