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Who We Are

Feq'ad Wolde
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A gifted clairvoyant, who has harnessed generations of innate wisdom, helps individuals navigate life by providing answers to their most pressing questions, empowering and guiding them on their journey.

aka Darrian Williams
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Mesq'al Kebra
aka Erin Clark

A trusted advisor to creative thinkers and thought leaders, who utilizes her administrative skills to provide expertly crafted solutions to their unique challenges.

Introducing Our New Partner 

Azteca Reaching: Cassandra Peña

A Holistic Health professional providing Plant Medicine Facilitation, Deep Tissue Massage, Reiki, Alkaline-Vegan Health Consultations and Sound Therapy to a variety of clients.
Book a session with any of our healers by choosing their calendar when booking a service. 

What We Do

Samadhi is a state of mind -  a meditation maintained by a set of practices.
These practices help you sustain that state.
These practices take time.

To make that time, you will inevitably have to make some changes in life.

We offer tools and services to help you do that. We also create spaces for people to be mindful, and calm, be it for one night, a few hours, a whole day, or ideally the rest of your life. Those tools look like coaching, consulting, developing programs, and holding retreats or mini-retreats, as we call them. We host our mini-retreats on AirBnb, and provide coaching and consultations directly to our clients. And if you're looking for help planning an event, whether it be focused on mindfulness or not, we can still help you take a mindful approach.  

The business administration we include as a part of our services, to entrepreneurs, businesses and not-for-profit organization, is provided because mindfulness can only be achieved when there is peace and peace in an economic system requires economic security.

 What is most important to us, however, is spirituality.

We believe in nurturing the earth and enhancing its beauty by creating lush edible gardens that serve as spiritual altars. In addition to this, we utilize sustainable farming methods to grow a variety of produce including vegetables, melons, squashes, and peppers. These gardens not only provide fresh and healthy food, but also serve as a space for meditation and reflection.

Past Projects

Feast of the Deities

Summer 2022

Oakland, California


Thank you to everyone who joined us and helped create such a positive atmosphere. The experience was beautiful, healing, and crucial. Let's keep the momentum going. Note: this photo only captures a portion of those in attendance. There were so many divine spirits who came and each brought their own unique joy to the event. We're already looking forward to doing this again soon.

Jamaican Permaculture

Spring 2021

St Thomas, Jamaica


We established a thriving garden/farm that produced approximately 300-400 kale, amaranth, and bok choy plants, providing fresh produce for ourselves, our parents, friends, uncles, aunts, and even our neighbors. With enough land and committed individuals, we can create a veritable paradise filled with delicious and nutritious edible plants. 



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