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Our Other Services

Our packages are formulated to foster evolution through a proven
step-by-step process.​

Ascension Coaching

(In Person & Remote)

Elevate your perspective with a series of sessions unearthing ancient wisdom encoded into modern teachings. These deeply personalized consultations ground you in the practices, eating habits, and meditations seeking souls thrive in whilst attuning to the higher frequency. These sessions, not only provide you with 1:1 guidance, but also reading materials and unparalleled opportunities for reflection, growth, and transcendence.

Program Development

Gain the administrative support you need to create and execute a successful program that meets your community's needs. Our consultation will help you map out a complete program lifecycle from conception to completion. This service is ideal for those looking to build online courses, events, series, and long-term projects. Unlock your program's potential with our expert-led guidance and get the resources you need for success. Book a free consultation today to start achieving your goals.

reiki 7 chakra tuning
Reiki 7 Chakra Attunement

(In Person or Remote)

Allow Feq'ad to usher you into a world of tranquility and harmony with his extraordinary energy healing experience. His intention is to help you proactively let go of the heaviness of your thoughts and invoke the power of Source to bring balance back into your life. Your journey culminates with a Life Path Tarot Reading and a personalized self-care regimen that is tailored to you. Let Feq'ad be your guide as you find peace, serenity and clarity.

Life Path Tarot Reading

Unlock the secrets of your life's purpose and discover the habits you need to break in order to progress with our exclusive in-depth readings. Our experienced readers will provide insightful guidance along with three follow-up questions to help you fully comprehend the reading. For an even more tailored experience, you can ask a specific question to receive personalized guidance. Unlock the power to understand yourself and your life with our premier readings.

Generational Cord Cutting

Unlock the potential of your life path with this Reiki session, a powerful spiritual reset. Revitalize your mind, body, and soul by releasing yourself from generational curses and karmic cycles that have been set in motion before you were born. Cut cords to the past and break free from self-defeating patterns, creating space to manifest your highest potential. The perfect gift for individuals, couples, families, and friends.

Third Eye_edited_edited.png
3rd Eye Activation

Unlock your highest potential with a tailored series of energetic attunements. Connect to your inner depths and gain greater insight and awareness through powerful spiritual transformation. Evoke a heightened sense of clairvoyance and mental clarity, and access a new level of understanding and connection with the divine. Transform and expand your consciousness and access the limitless power of your soul.

Reiki is used to treat heart disease, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, infertility, neurodegenerative disorders, autism, and trauma.

reiki healing wand, staff, sekhem
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