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Tantric Reset Ceremony Reiki Massage

One-of-a-Kind Tantric Reset Ceremony Reiki Massage Experience

  • 24 t
  • 999 US dollars
  • Ocho Rios Mansion

Palvelun kuvaus

This immersive offering harmonizes mind, body, and spirit, guiding you towards profound relaxation, rejuvenation, and heightened awareness. Our commitment to providing quality personalized care is evident in this luxurious, multi-faceted journey combining ancient tantric practices with reiki energy healing. Beginning with a 7 Chakra Attunement Ceremony to align and balance your chakras, facilitating free energy flow. Focused attention on your naval and root chakras helps release stagnant energy and blockages in these vital grounding and creative centers, allowing renewed clarity and purpose. The centerpiece is a deeply revitalizing Full Body Reiki Massage, with our therapists channeling healing reiki energy into every muscle and pathway. This therapeutic massage soothes physically and energetically, clearing negative patterns to prepare you for the transformative Tantric Reset ritual. The Tantric Reset combines breathwork, visualization, and energy work to release lingering blockages in your sacral and root chakras, helping shed limiting beliefs, baggage, and trauma. Reclaim your innate sensuality, creativity, and vitality. Conclude with a Brotherhood of Light Tarot Reading for profound insights, guidance, and affirmations to support continued growth. Enveloped in serenity and safety, our highly trained practitioners ensure a tailored journey fostering deep inner exploration and healing. A true investment in overall well-being, offering a rare chance to shed the past and step into wholeness, vitality, and sacred sensuality.

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