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Eco-Luxury Healing Day Retreat

A day for recalibration and rejuvenation.

  • 24 t
  • 540 US dollars
  • Ocho Rios Mansion

Palvelun kuvaus

Introducing the Eco-Luxury Healing Day Retreat, a transformative wellness experience nestled in the stunning surroundings of Montego Bay, Jamaica. This carefully curated package combines a range of holistic services designed to pamper your body, soothe your mind, and rejuvenate your spirit. Your journey begins with a simple booking process. Once you've reserved your spot, you'll receive a confirmation email with all the necessary details. A member of our friendly team will follow up with you to ensure that everything is in order and to answer any questions you may have. On the day of your retreat, you'll arrive at our tranquil sanctuary and be warmly greeted by our staff. You'll be escorted to a private, serene massage room where you can take a moment to get comfortable and unwind. Feel free to enjoy a refreshing shower before settling onto the plush massage table, ready to embark on your healing journey. Your session commences with a Chakra Attunement Reiki Session, during which a skilled practitioner will work with your body's energy centers to promote balance and harmony. As you relax, you'll be treated to a Transcendent Soundscapes Sound Bath, enveloping you in soothing vibrations that will guide you into a state of deep peace and tranquility. Next, you'll receive a Full Body Pampering Massage, a luxurious treat that will melt away tension and leave you feeling utterly rejuvenated. Our expert therapists will use a combination of techniques to target areas of concern and promote overall well-being. As your body rests in a state of blissful relaxation, you'll be guided through a Grounding Guided Meditation. This mindful practice will help you cultivate a deep sense of inner peace, focus, and clarity, providing you with valuable tools to maintain balance in your daily life. Following your massage and meditation, you'll have the opportunity to delve into the mystical world of tarot with a Brotherhood of Light Tarot Reading. Our intuitive readers will offer insights and guidance tailored to your unique journey, empowering you with clarity and perspective. To complete your Eco-Luxury Healing Day Retreat, you'll be treated to a Delicious Superfood Blend of Bliss, a nourishing smoothie packed with wholesome ingredients to revitalize your body from the inside out. You're welcome to savor this tasty elixir anywhere on our beautiful property, taking a moment to reflect on your transformative experience.

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