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Introducing our "Celestial Revelry Over Montego Bay" tapestry — an ethereal masterpiece that captures the essence of Jamaica's spiritual beauty. Set against the iconic skyline of Montego Bay, this tapestry portrays Jamaican angels, their wings magnificently unfurled, as they soar through the heavens. Their laughter, pure and melodious, fills the air, symbolising the island's spirit of joy and unity.


In harmonious accompaniment, Ethiopian angels, resplendent in their traditional finery, grace the skies with their mesmerising shoulder dance, a tribute to their rich cultural heritage. This tapestry seamlessly melds elements of opulence, evident in the intricate adornments of the angels; innovation, showcased by Montego Bay's architectural splendour; health, reflected in the angels' radiant countenances; expansiveness, captured in the vast expanse of the sky; and sheer elegance, portrayed in the fluidity of their dance and flight.


Measuring 80" W by 60" L and realised with hyper-realistic precision, this tapestry promises a visual experience of unmatched clarity, depth, and vibrancy. It stands as a testament to the harmonious fusion of the divine and the urban, making it a prized addition for any connoisseur of art.

Celestial Revelry Over Montego Bay

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