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Introducing our "Angelic Soiree Over London's Skyline" tapestry — an exquisite portrayal of celestial elegance set against the backdrop of London's iconic skyline. Hovering 100,000 ft above the city, Afro Indian angels, with wings of impressive span, sail through the clouds. Their laughter, infectious and bright, is a testament to the joys of the heavens.


Amidst this ethereal setting, Ethiopian angels, adorned in traditional attire, bring the skies alive with their mesmerising shoulder dance. This tapestry seamlessly weaves elements of opulence, evident in the gilded details of the angels' garments; innovation, showcased by the modern architectural feats of London; health, through the radiant aura of the angels; expansiveness, with the boundless horizon; and sheer elegance, embodied in the gracefulness of their dance and flight.


Measuring 80" W by 60" L and rendered with hyper-realistic precision, this tapestry guarantees unparalleled clarity and depth, making it a sublime addition to any space seeking a touch of heavenly charm.

Angelic Soiree Over London's Skyline

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