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Specially Tailored Packages

Imagine a co-pilot and confidant to help you create and deliver high quality programs, products, and services.

That's what we provide.

We Help You & Your Team:​

  • Deliver high quality programs and services.

  • Plan opportunities that invigorate your team's commitment to your cause.

  • Create campaigns that engage your audiences in new ways.

  • Intentionally support communities in a sustainable fashion.

Submit an inquiry or book below.

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How We Work

We get to know you first.

You fill out the inquiry form, we set a time to meet, and we collect some more details about the vision you are manifesting.

Then we build: we take your vision and give it goals, milestones, a plan, and a team.

This can take 1 meeting, or 15. It all depends on where you are in your development, resources, and abilities. 

Discover below 3 options for making your dreams happen in reality:

  1. Strategy Sessions 

    • Invite us into your creation station, we can help you refine what you do, and how you do it. 

    • Let us chart you a path, whether you need support brainstorming, goal setting, or just purely strategizing around your programs, products, or services.

  2. Ongoing Support

    • Become a retainer client! You can book a time to scope your project with ease, this can also be a collaboration, or an offer to build out an initiative you're working on & don't want to lead.    

    • For new clients: We like to sync up on a monthly basis regarding the scope, to review your projects dashboard and anticipate any upcoming opportunities.

  3. Let's Explore with a Discovery Call.

    • If you just want to network and chat about yourself, your business, and your needs, let's have some tea and find some new ways to live and be.

Booking one of these sessions gives you the chance to get to know us and how we can be of service in realizing your vision and clarifying your needs. 

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