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Presenting our "Skies of Serenity Above Metropolitan London" tapestry — a majestic fusion of the ethereal and the urban. High above London's iconic landmarks, Afro Indian angels display their majestic wings, gracefully navigating the vastness of the sky. Their jubilant laughter and radiant smiles are a beacon of celestial joy, illuminating the clouds around them.


Close by, Ethiopian angels, bedecked in traditional regalia, enliven the heavens with their enchanting shoulder dance, their movements harmonising with the gentle rhythms of the skies. This tapestry artfully integrates opulence, highlighted by the sumptuous adornments of the angels; innovation, with the silhouette of London's modern edifices; health, mirrored in the vibrant aura of the angels; expansiveness, encapsulated by the sweeping skyline; and refined elegance, portrayed through the delicate dance and poised flight.


With dimensions of 80" W by 60" L and rendered with the utmost attention to hyper-realistic detail, this tapestry ensures a breathtaking visual experience, making it an ideal centrepiece for those seeking a blend of the divine and the metropolitan.

Skies of Serenity Above Metropolitan London

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