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Introducing "Jamaican Jubilance," an 80"W x 60"L tapestry that celebrates the vibrant spirit of Jamaica and the beauty of sisterly bonds. Set against a backdrop of a sprawling Jamaican yard, this masterpiece showcases three Jamaican girls, their ages distinctly 10, 12, and 15, each adorned with short braids that shimmer in the sunlight. Seated on a rustic white wooden bench, their faces beam with pure joy, reflecting the heartwarming bond they share.


Crafted from premium polyester microfiber, this tapestry is as durable as it is soft to the touch. The yard, with its towering mango trees and an array of tropical delights like banana, breadfruit, and star apple trees, paints a vivid picture of Jamaica's lush landscape. Every brushstroke, from the intricacies of the girls' attire to the dappled sunlight on the ground, resonates with hyper-realistic precision.



  • Dimensions: 80"W x 60"L
  • Material: Top-quality polyester microfiber ensuring longevity and a plush texture
  • Design: Hyper-realistic oil-painted depiction encapsulating the essence of Jamaica
  • Vibrant and fade-resistant colors that bring a slice of the Caribbean to your space
  • Ideal for a range of settings, including living areas, bedrooms, and lounges
  • Care: Machine wash using cold water; air drying is recommended


Embrace the warmth, joy, and essence of Jamaica with "Jamaican Jubilance." Whether you're looking to reminisce about a memorable trip or simply add a touch of tropical charm to your space, this tapestry promises to be a treasured addition. Secure yours today and let the radiant hues of Jamaica transform your ambiance.

Jamaican Jubilance: Sisterhood Amidst Tropical Bliss

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