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Embark, my esteemed readers, on a fantastical odyssey with "Dome Ticket", a narrative that elegantly conveys the story of fate across dimensions, brimming with undying love and cosmic interludes. Within the stellar embrace of Anatakhan, our saga finds its heart in Makayela, a princess whose indigo complexion mirrors the depth and vastness of the cosmos itself. Born to the guardians Hebiru and Mariam, she treads a path lit by the triad of suns and moons, her every step a homage to the profound spirituality and boundless love that suffuse her realm.


Parallel to Makayela's celestial sojourn, Earth, in the epoch of 2039, unfurls its own enthralling tale. Here, Princes Haru and Tafari, scions of earthly realms, navigate the aftermath of solar cataclysms, their destinies intricately entangled with beings of celestial origin. From the mystical Moryana, Numi, Makayela's confidante, emerges, echoing the ancient arts and deep-rooted secrets that intertwine with the storied epochs of Kemet and Alkebulan, where the forces of good and evil once clashed.


Yet, even in the transcendent splendor of Anatakhan, a sinister shadow looms. Ahbala's dark machinations threaten the harmony, casting a pall over the realm. Insobu, ensnared in this celestial chess game, becomes the linchpin connecting realms and epochs, rich in joy and sorrow.


"Dome Ticket" is not merely a tale; it is a transcendent journey through the spiritual and tangible. It beckons you to traverse dimensions where trees converse and souls meld with the divine, echoing the eternal struggle against shadows that seek to quench both celestial and terrestrial luminance. This saga, replete with wit and charm—courtesy of Makayela’s chum Nibo, the delightful tortoise—is a celebration of morality, love, respect, and venerable values in the face of cosmic upheaval. It offers a passage through the celestial domes of existence, where each dimension, each realm, extends a welcoming hand, inviting us all to partake in an extraordinary adventure through time and space.

Dome Ticket Volume 1 - Teleporting To Anatakumina

  • Translation to any language upon request.

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