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الأربعاء، 23 يوليو


Montego Bay, Jamaica

Immersive Deep Reset

An immersive deep rest and reset experience with morning meditations, 7 chakra singing bowl attunements, beach hang outs, falls visits, exciting excursions, storytelling, jam sessions, all folded into a space designed for you to detox and do your healing.

Immersive Deep Reset
Immersive Deep Reset

الوقت والموقع

23 يوليو 2025، 12:00 م غرينتش-5 – 01 أغسطس 2025، 12:00 م غرينتش-5

Montego Bay, Jamaica, Montego Bay, Jamaica


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Immersive Deep Rest & Reset

To truly step into the Portal you must identify the illusion, peel back the delusion, rest, and reset. 

At the Immersive Deep Rest & Reset, we give you the chance to rest, reset, and give you tools to maintain that meditation. Carefully crafted to provide the perfect balance of chill, reflection,  growth, and play, this retreat is more than just an island getaway, it's an opportunity to detox, tap in with nature, and do your healings all while acquiring practical tools to elevate your daily life.

This retreat will feature a diverse range of healing modalities, including quartz crystal singing bowl healing, music, movement, thrilling adventures, and, as a special addition, an EEG headset reading* to measure the depth of your reset!

We encourage you to stay in close contact with our team about the event information and to get to know your hosts. 💖

Deposits are $1000 and will be requested via email after your RSVP.

Upon deposit submission, you'll receive email updates as the event approaches. 

These updates will include venue details, the final itinerary, preparation tips, and more.

Note: In the event of retreat cancellation or date changes due to unforeseen circumstances, we will promptly inform you and offer a swift refund.

Here's an idea of what you can expect from our Immersive Deep Rest & Reset Retreat!

Day 1: Arrival and Welcome

Evening: Welcome gathering and dinner, with a warm greetings from your hosts. 

Enjoy an introduction to the retreat, and an invitation to consider the multitude of ways these experiences can be carried into your every day life. 

EEG Brainwave reading Session to get your baseline brain activity.*

Day 2: Embracing the Island

Morning: Sunrise meditation and 7 chakra quartz crystal singing bowl attunement session.

Afternoon: Visit to a hidden Jamaican gem! Such as a little known waterfall for a refreshing swim.

Evening: Storytelling under the stars, sharing in the stories of our native ancestors and elders

Day 3: Rest and Reset

Morning: Deeper meditation techniques workshop and guided meditation.

Afternoon: Chill Vibes beach hangout.

Evening: Truly Healing Food Workshop & Cooking Session

Day 4: Exploring Nature

Morning: Leisure time for personal reflection.

Afternoon: Guided hike, and mountain adventure embracing Jamaica's lush landscapes.

Evening: Group Cannabis Tea Ritual, self trust building exercise, and dinner discussion.

Day 5: Illusion Processing

Morning: Optional Morning Meditation, Juicing Workshop

Afternoon:  "Processing The Illusion" Discussion, where we will talk about the illusionary nature of the social systems we live in, and identify what we need to purge

Evening: Jam session & Open Mic

Day 6: Illusion Releasing

Morning: Optional Morning Meditation, Juicing Workshop 2

Afternoon: Group Reiki Session, releasing "The Illusion", and goal setting exercise

Evening: Reiki Massage, Guided Meditations

Day 7: Excursion

Morning: Optional Morning Meditation, Breakfast Juice

Afternoon & Evening: Attend an event out in the community 

Day 8: Reflection and Maintenance Techniques

Morning: Optional Morning Meditation, Breakfast Juice

Afternoon: Journal and reflection dialogue, where meditation techniques and tools will be provided to help maintain your serenity, and achieve the goals you set on Day 6

Evening: EEG Brainwave reading session to see how your brain activity* has changed as a result of the retreat activities and pratices, and diet.

Day 9: Closing & Send Off

Morning: Closing Meditation, Breakfast, and Send off

Afternoon: Transport to Airport

Package Inclusions:

  • Accommodations in a serene environment.
  • All activities and excursions.
  • Daily healthy meals with a focus on fresh locally sourced cuisine.
  • Transportation for group excursions.

Note: This is just a sample itinerary. The final itinerary will be announced in the months leading up to the event.

This retreat is designed to offer a blend of spiritual elevation, cultural immersion, and natural exploration, all within the vibrant and serene environment of Jamaica. Each activity is thoughtfully chosen to help you reflect, ground, and grow.

*This part of the experience is still being finalized.

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